Group Lessons

Group lessons run throughout the year, and begin monthly (registration pending).  All group classes range from 3 – 5 students.

At Ocean Opus, we are proud to offer group lessons for all ages and abilities in the following subjects: Kindermusic, Music and Mindfulness,  Music Theory, Harmony, Musicianship, Music History, Guitar and Ukulele begin

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My Music Passport Ages 3 - 5

Join us as we explore music and dance from around the world. This program is a combination of rhythms, Kinder music, World music, and songs written by Ange Ella Healy, for children. Her music is about the seasons, Environmental Stewardship, and celebrating our global community. At the end of this program, your child will have completed a colourful passport representing each continent and country that we explored, through music. Looking forward to enjoying this adventure with you!


Weekly, 45 minute lessons for 8 weeks - $120

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My Music Passport Ages 6 - 8

Join Angela Healy to celebrate various cultures through the study of world music.  In this exciting musical passport program, we will discover new cultural traditions, universal rhythms and colour our music passport journal with the flags and geographical locations.  Students will also learn to play foundational rhythms that contribute to the rich tapestry of world music.  By learning stories and songs from around the world, we honour our personal cultural heritage and the abundant diversity within our community.

Weekly, 45 minute lessons for 8 weeks - $120

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Mindfulness, Music and Rhythms  Ages 9-12

Mindfulness Music and Rhythms is a musical journey about finding self-acceptance.  This program guides young individuals through various mindfulness techniques through the study of various cultures’ music.  We learn to remain calm and gentle with our emotions as we explore a variety of rhythms, focus on our breath, and celebrate diversity.  By embodying the most inspiring characteristics of nature, world music, and rhythm, we learn it’s okay to be just who you are and strive to be the best you can be. 

“Celebrate your nature and cultural roots, be as powerful and radiant as the sun, as healing and rhythmical as the rain, as adaptable and generous as a tree.”- Ange Ella Healy

Weekly, 45 minute lessons for 8 weeks - $120