Meet Our Faculty

We believe that music lessons should be progressive, utilizing many different teaching methods and up-to-date learning resources. We often employ the use of computer programs, video and audio files to assist students in retaining information learned in lessons and to encourage daily practice.     

We believe that music is a way of life.  There are no limits to the benefits of impromptu music in every social situation, from public concerts to evenings in with your family. To facilitate the practice of playing freely, we believe that it is necessary to break free from only performing in one or two formal recitals.  Opus performance opportunities include recitals, open mics, masterclasses, audio recording, and making music videos.

Marissa Kitson

Acoustic & Classical Guitar, Voice, Piano & Songwriting

Marissa studied Classical Guitar Performance and Composition at the Victoria Conservatory of Music and is approaching her 20th year as a music teacher in Victoria BC. 

Marissa enjoys playing and teaching a wide range of musical styles.  She believes that no matter the genre, every student will benefit from the following:

  • Understand the correct techniques to be able to express your musical thoughts in a way that not only speeds up the learning process but also protects your body from repetitive stress injuries.  

  • Know your music theory and harmony so that there is a clear understanding of each music style.

  • Effectively communicate the personality of each musical style studied.

  • Have the ability to improvise and have the ability to write down and/or record their musical creations.

All lesson plans focus on all points listed above. 


Marissa also believes it is essential to nurture the performing arts as it is necessary for the benefit of individuals and our community.  For this reason, Marissa had previously sat on the board of directors for the Victoria Guitar Society as we as the Greater Victoria Festival of Performing Arts this experience has been Marissa’s creative impetus for expanding her studio into this budding academy.

Ange Ella Healy

Voice, Songwriting, Mandolin, & Ukulele

Ange Ella Healy is a singer/ songwriter with a deep love for harmony, mandolin melodies, rhythm and guitar. She is currently living and performing on Vancouver Island. This summer she will be performing and touring with her band ‘Sage, Silt and The Desert Rose.”

She has recorded three albums, ‘Baker’s Know When We’re Waking (2008), ‘Wanderers Rest’ (2009), and ‘ Mary and the Book of Ruth’ (2010). She is currently recording her fourth, ‘Land of the Blind’.

Ange Ella studied contemporary music and performance at Selkirk College in Nelson, B.C. with focus on songwriting, sound engineering and recording.