Call for Musicians

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We are ready to receive content from independent musicians & independent record labels!

About Ocean Opus Radio

Ocean Opus Radio is a membership-driven internet radio station for independent musicians and independent record labels.

Our primary aim is to bring your audience to you. We aim to create a platform where you, our clients, can thrive. Our objective is to make the connection between radio play and music sales. We wish to work closely with independent musicians and independent record labels to help close the value gap caused by poor business practices within streaming services in recent years.

Ocean Opus Radio is a hub where every musician’s music is guaranteed to be aired. Ocean Opus will link all songs streamed to each musician’s Electronic Press Kit and Online Store, where listeners can purchase music, read their bio, view their concert dates, and more!

Our goal is to empower our clients by providing a variety of platforms on which they can shine and by giving them complete control of their content. Each musician/band can select up to four songs to showcase on Ocean Opus Radio and its website. These channels will also host shows and podcasts highlighting independent musicians’ creative impetus and promoting upcoming tours, newly released albums, and EPs.
No third-party advertisements will ever be aired on Ocean Opus Radio! You are our only ads.

Our policy is to work closely with independent musicians and independent record labels. We are not a simple subscription service. Our primary goal is to work for you.

Benefits of becoming an Ocean Opus client:

  • Guaranteed Radio Time. Every Musician/Band can submit up to 4 songs for guaranteed radio play on multiple streams. 


  • Your audience can access Ocean Opus Radio online through Apple & Android compatible mobile apps, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Android TV, and Smart Speakers.


  • Complete control of your intellectual property. You choose the songs you want to highlight on the radio and playlists. You can alter your radio streaming and playlists at any time and select playlists that best fit your branding. (Again, we have no desire to control your content in any way; these decisions should remain entirely in the musicians’ power to control.) 
  • Sell your creative content directly from your personalized pages on Ocean Opus’ website.


  • Opportunities to showcase yourself in Editorials and podcasts, and various radio programs. 


  • No third-party ads! Each independent musician is promoted through radio play and streaming in Ocean Opus’ mobile app. Contact Ocean Opus for information on advertising packages to promote album and EP releases or upcoming tours. ​​