Academy Terms & Conditions

Ocean Opus Music Academy Policies Updated July, 2022

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Tuition for the 2022-2023 school year (September – August) are as follows:


30 Minutes: $24.00

45 Minutes: $36

1 Hour: $48.00



Ocean Opus practices on the belief that music education is a right, not a privilege, and should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their economic background.  We are proud to offer tuition discounts for those who can demonstrate financial need.

Please contact Ocean Opus’ Director, Marissa Kitson at if you wish to apply.


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Enrolment Fees / Membership Card :

An annual Enrolment Fee of $40 for the first family member enrolled and $20 for every additional family member is due at the time of registration and is valid until the end of Ocean Opus’ Fiscal Year (August 1st – July 31st).  Enrollees will receive a student notebook, gain access to other reference materials, and fund performance opportunities.  

*No enrolment fees are required when registering for Clinics, Jams, Summer lessons, or Camps.


Registration Paperwork

Although much of the registration process can be completed online, a person is not fully enrolled until they have completed their paperwork and pending fees are paid in full.  Your lesson time will not be reserved for you before your enrolment is complete and your registration fees are paid in full.  


Individual Lessons 

Students may enroll in private lessons at any time of the year.  Fees are prorated for the semester.


Group Lessons & Ensembles: 

Registration for group classes and ensembles must be completed at least one week before participation begins.


Group lessons require a minimum number of participants; the class will be canceled if the minimum enrolment is not met.  In this instance, enrollees will be notified one week in advance and will receive a full refund.    


A student still may be permitted to enroll in a group class past the enrolment deadline if space is still available and is approved by the teacher.

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Attendance and Missed Lessons

Individual Lessons 

Fees are calculated for the school year (September – June) and will fluctuate depending on the length and number of lessons.  You are not billed for lessons missed during Winter Vacation and Spring Break or any stat holiday; these lessons are not included in the number of lessons in the semester.    

The following payment options are available:  

Option 1 – Students may choose to pay by semester with Cash, Cheque, e-Transfer and PayPal.  Fees are due September 1st, 2020, for Fall Semester, and February 1st, 2022, for Spring Semester.  * A 5% discount will be applied to any account that chooses to pay by semester.   

Option 2 – Tuition can be divided into monthly installments and are due on the 1st of every month.      

Single Semester Ensembles and Group Lessons

Fees are due when you register for the course.  Fees are calculated by the number and length of classes per semester.   A fee for lesson materials may also be included in the price. 

NSF Cheques

In the event of a declined preauthorized payment or Cheque, a $15 late fee will be charged to your account.  Your lessons will be put on hold until your account is up to date.

Late Payment Charges

In the event of late payment, a $1 late fee will be applied to your account for each day that your payment is late.  

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Holiday Hours

Ocean Opus is closed for Winter Vacation, Spring Break, and all Statutory Holiday days.


*Students are not billed for these dates.

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Individual Lessons 

One month (30 calendar days) written notification of withdrawal is required.  Tuition fees for the remainder of the semester will be refunded.


Group Lessons and Ensembles

Single semester classes and clinics – A 80% refund will be given if registration is canceled two weeks before the start of the session. No refund will be given if canceled less than two weeks before the start of the class.

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Summer Programs



Registration is complete once a student has completed all applicable paperwork and has paid in full.  All summer programs have minimum enrollment requirements which must be met for the program to take place.  If you have registered for a program that does not meet its minimum enrollment, you will be notified two weeks before the program is to start.  In this event, any fees paid will be fully refunded.



All summer programs require a minimum number of participants, and the class will be canceled if the minimum registration is not met.  In this instance, participants will be notified two weeks in advance and will receive a full refund.  


An 80% refund will be given if the participant chooses to withdraw two weeks before the start of the session. No refund will be given if canceled less than two weeks before the start of the class.